Bryan J Swift

Not Seeking Work as of 13 April 2018

mobile +1 (347) 653-7492

New York, NY


  1. Director at Siberia, LLC

    November 2014 to Current

    Los Angeles, CA

    Joined Siberia, LLC as a lead to help develop product based solutions for our client's business problems. Was promoted to Director and subsequently made a Partner in the company.

    • Brainstorm solutions for the digital products of Siberia's clients
    • Lead the engineering team in crafting solutions
    • Create on boarding documentation for technical resources
  2. Founder at Lynr, LLC

    December 2013 to December 2016

    Los Angeles, CA

    Founded Lynr, LLC to create an inventory management tool and publishing platform for car dealerships.

    • Maintain Ruby web framework written on top of Rack
    • Devise system architecture in order to optimize for small team
  3. Developer as an Independent Contractor

    February 2010 to December 2016

    Performed development work for clients as both a sole developer and as a member of the client's existing team. Over six years as an independent contractor I worked for a variety of client's ranging from individuals building their personal site, to large international agencies.

    • Architected and built the Android client for a client enabling conference calls with end-to-end encryption
    • Built reporting features into an existing Ruby on Rails site
    • Defined content types, coded server and client side components sites running PHP based CMS
    • Worked with client side engineering teams to write and style templates based on provided designs
    • Wrote and maintained and JavaScript components
    • Designed and developed demo applications in Java and Scala for natural language processing and sentiment analysis engine
  4. Senior Software Engineer at AKQA, Inc. [NY]

    November 2006 to February 2010

    New York, NY

    I was the first engineer hired by the New York office and as such wore many different hats while there.

    • Stepped into a Management role leading a team of developers working on a top to bottom re-launch of a Smirnoff’s online presence
    • Designed, Developed and Maintained re-usable JavaScript classes to be used as company resources by other web developers
    • Developed and Maintained HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used in site redesigns for multiple clients, including Smirnoff, Motorola, and Benjamin Moore
    • Created a module to augment the Magnolia CMS’ functionality to fit the specific needs of Smirnoff’s brand team
    • Developed and Managed Java integration points for third-party vendors and internal teams for Aircell’s new product, GoGo
  5. Systems Analyst at Devis

    June 2004 to November 2006

    Arlington, VA

    The First Gig. An incredible learning experience in a wildly different environment than everything that has come after.

    • Designed, Developed and Maintained Java Web Applications utilizing three-tier or multi-tier architecture in a small team environment
    • Designed and Implemented a reporting module improving Devis’ ability to efficiently and rapidly add reporting capability to systems in production or development