Bryan J Swift

Not Seeking Work as of 19 October 2017

mobile +1 (347) 653-7492

Los Angeles, CA


  1. Director at Siberia, LLC

    November 2014 to Current

    Los Angeles, CA

    Joined Siberia, LLC as a lead to help develop product based solutions for our client's business problems. Was promoted to Director and subsequently made a Partner in the company.

    • Brainstorm solutions for the digital products of Siberia's clients
    • Lead the engineering team in crafting solutions
    • Create on boarding documentation for technical resources
  2. Founder at Lynr, LLC

    December 2013 to December 2016

    Los Angeles, CA

    Founded Lynr, LLC to create an inventory management tool and publishing platform for car dealerships.

    • Maintain Ruby web framework written on top of Rack
    • Devise system architecture in order to optimize for small team
  3. Developer as an Independent Contractor

    February 2010 to December 2016

    Performed development work for clients as both a sole developer and as a member of the client's existing team. Over six years as an independent contractor I worked for a variety of client's ranging from individuals, building their personal site, to large international agencies.

    Clients (in reverse chronology)

    Siberia, LLC

    Before joining Siberia as a full-time employee I was contracted by them on two separate projects. First, I assisted the development of a Drupal based site. Second, Siberia contracted me to develop a secure conference calling application based on their client's existing, proprietary encrypted voice and messaging technologies.

    Crowd Cover, LLC

    Crowd Cover contracted me to help build out a report generation feature for their Ruby on Rails based site.

    Wondersauce, LLC

    Wondersauce, on multiple occaisions, sub-contracted website development work to me for their clients. I worked with Wondersauce's design staff to configure the CMS and construct the custom data types to support site content.

    IPG Media Lab

    The Executive Creative Director at the IPG Media Lab brought me in to do technical development and consulting on R & D projects and to do the technical execution of prototype projects and demos for display in the office.

    Huge, Inc.

    Huge brought me in to supplement their front-end engineering team on a long-running project for one of their clients.

    Momentum Worldwide

    Momentum was producing a Jay-Z concert sponsored by American Express to be performed during SXSW '12 and the Momentum team wanted to integrate social media messaging, specifically from Twitter, to be displayed in the lead up to the concert. I was brought in to create a moderation intermediary for the Twitter streaming API and to execute on the team's vision for displaying the tweets.


    RedRover is a social startup focused on enabling people to make plans with friends. They needed someone with a general web skill set to assist with various parts of their consumer facing development.


    Appinions (formerly Jodange) had a trio of talented computational linguists working on their opinion processing platform but no one to build applications to present the data to the world. I helped build the consumer facing applications or widgets based on the Appinions API.

    AKQA, Inc. [DC]

    I was contracted multiple times to work with the AKQA DC team to add to their existing web development capabilities. The projects consisted mostly of client-side development in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    Luna Design, Inc

    Luna Design is a small web design studio with whom I did work on small, quick to develop sites. Each site had design well specified, I performed client and server side implementation based on the provided designs.

    Euro RSCG

    This was a three week gig focused on getting an already implemented site cleaned up for launch because the shop they had outsourced to left it in shambles.

    No Mimes Media, LLC

    No Mimes creates transmedia experiences, also called alternate reality. I worked with them and a contract designer to create a web presence for their budding company.


    Arc90 is a software development consultancy who brought me on to help revamp the architecture of the Java platform the website for one of their existing clients.

  4. Sabbatical

    June 2011 to December 2011

    USA, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand

    Having taken almost no time off since starting as an independent contractor, I opted for a sabbatical to pursue other interests. I spent the first two months working on a personal project (Persnicketly, which has since been shut down) and finishing up the last of my existing client work. Towards the end of those months I was also planning out an international vacation with my girlfriend and learning Japanese. On September 2nd we landed in Japan and headed to Ofunato in the Iwate prefecture to do tsunami relief work until September 30th. Following the relief work we traveled through Japan, visited Singapore and then toured New Zealand before arriving in California to spend the holidays with my parents.

  5. Senior Software Engineer at AKQA, Inc. [NY]

    November 2006 to February 2010

    New York, NY

    I was the first engineer hired by the New York office and as such wore many different hats while there.

    • Stepped into a Management role leading a team of developers working on a top to bottom re-launch of a Smirnoff’s online presence
    • Designed, Developed and Maintained re-usable JavaScript classes to be used as company resources by other web developers
    • Developed and Maintained HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used in site redesigns for multiple clients, including Smirnoff, Motorola, and Benjamin Moore
    • Created a module to augment the Magnolia CMS’ functionality to fit the specific needs of Smirnoff’s brand team
    • Developed and Managed Java integration points for third-party vendors and internal teams for Aircell’s new product, GoGo
  6. Systems Analyst at Devis

    June 2004 to November 2006

    Arlington, VA

    The First Gig. An incredible learning experience in a wildly different environment than everything that has come after.

    • Designed, Developed and Maintained Java Web Applications utilizing three-tier or multi-tier architecture in a small team environment
    • Designed and Implemented a reporting module improving Devis’ ability to efficiently and rapidly add reporting capability to systems in production or development