Perhaps It Is Time to Move On

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I had planned for my next couple of posts to be regarding An Event Apart in Boston which I attended but for whatever reason I could just never force myself to sit in one place long enough to actually write them. This is not to say there weren’t things worth writing about, far from it. Every single speaker I heard was outstanding but I’ll be honest two full days of it and once I got home I felt like I was on web design and web development overload.

As a result I think I have given up writing reviews of talks which happened nearly a month ago now, but there were things there I do want to write about just not with a direct relationship to An Event Apart.

I had also intended to do a lot more writing about MooTools as a result of my working with MooTools and upgrading a number of scripts I had written to the be compatible with the new version but my free time for the work I wanted to do with those scripts has dwindled to non-existence. So here I am trying to figure out what my priorities are for my personal development and I find myself wanting to be comfortable taking on more freelance work which in my mind means significantly improving my design skills because I haven’t heard of enough people wanting to hire a pure coder for the short term which is basically where my skills are.

Happy Independence Day America!