Posting while browsing via ScribeFire

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I was reading Lifehacker the other day and found a link to ScribeFire which is an extension for the FireFox web browser aimed at making blogging easier by letting you do it from anywhere.

In the interest of trying things out I decided to take it for a spin, but I thought it only fitting that my first post from ScribeFire be about it, so here we are! Thus far I’m convinced it’s a cool idea and like the quick and easy integration wizard it had when I first opened it which made setting it up to use with my blog super easy. It also has the option to open in a new tab rather than as a split view which I think is pretty useful. My biggest gripe is the minimum width the post area has. If you shrink it too small you start losing feature visibility and since I tend to not browse full screen I think not being able to resize the side panel may become annoying.

Overall first impression is good, I’d be even happier if it were a separate piece of software like an AIR app or something along those lines since I have moved away from using Firefox as my primary browser (except for debugging purposes) since moving to a Mac full-time.

Here’s to happy blogging!