Bryan J Swift

Not Seeking Work as of 21 August 2019

mobile +1 (347) 653-7492

New York, NY


  1. Director at Siberia, LLC

    November 2014 to Current

    Los Angeles, CA

    Joined Siberia, LLC as a lead to help develop product based solutions for our client's business problems. Was promoted to Director and subsequently made a Partner before we were acquired by MediaLink.

    • Brainstorm solutions for the digital products of Siberia's clients
    • Lead the engineering team in crafting solutions
    • Develop rototypes and full technical solutions
    • Create on boarding documentation for technical resources
  2. Developer as an Independent Contractor

    February 2010 to December 2016

    Performed development work for clients as both a sole developer and as a member of the client's existing team. Over six years as an independent contractor I worked for a variety of client's ranging from individuals building their personal site, to large international agencies.

    • Architected and built the Android client for a client enabling conference calls with end-to-end encryption
    • Built reporting features into an existing Ruby on Rails site
    • Defined content types, coded server and client side components sites running PHP based CMS
    • Worked with client side engineering teams to write and style templates based on provided designs
    • Wrote and maintained and JavaScript components
    • Designed and developed demo applications in Java and Scala for natural language processing and sentiment analysis engine
  3. Senior Software Engineer at AKQA, Inc. [NY]

    November 2006 to February 2010

    New York, NY

    I was the first engineer hired by the New York office and as such wore many different hats while there.

    • Stepped into a Management role leading a team of developers working on a top to bottom re-launch of a Smirnoff’s online presence
    • Designed, Developed and Maintained re-usable JavaScript classes to be used as company resources by other web developers
    • Developed and Maintained HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used in site redesigns for multiple clients, including Smirnoff, Motorola, and Benjamin Moore
    • Created a module to augment the Magnolia CMS’ functionality to fit the specific needs of Smirnoff’s brand team
    • Developed and Managed Java integration points for third-party vendors and internal teams for Aircell’s new product, GoGo
  4. Systems Analyst at Devis

    June 2004 to November 2006

    Arlington, VA

    The First Gig. An incredible learning experience in a wildly different environment than everything that has come after.

    • Designed, Developed and Maintained Java Web Applications utilizing three-tier or multi-tier architecture in a small team environment
    • Designed and Implemented a reporting module improving Devis’ ability to efficiently and rapidly add reporting capability to systems in production or development