About Bryan

Hi there. I’m Bryan. Nice to meet you. No the pleasure is all mine. What’s that? You want to know more about little old me? Well, ok.

I am a Lead at Siberia. I am based in Los Angeles, CA.

For a long time I did freelance software development as an independent contractor. Sometimes freelance meant contract work, where I’m essentially a short term employee, and sometimes it meant project based work where I build products or parts of products for individual clients. The project based work tends to be my favorite because I get to be a lot more involved in the process and I like building things from scratch.

I consider myself a generalist when it comes to software development. I have used and am comfortable using a five or six different server-side languages and I have spent several years doing front-end development in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In interviews I get asked frequently whether I prefer server-side or client-side development and I never have an answer because truthfully I thoroughly enjoy doing both. Both “sides” of web development have unique and thought provoking challenges to overcome and I love the challenges of both. Additionally, I have experience doing mobile development for Android and some limited experience on the iOS platform.

For the latter half of 2011 I was “out of the game” because I was doing volunteer work for tsunami victims with my girlfriend in the Tohoku prefecture of Japan. Prior to our month of volunteer work I was “taking time off” to work on my pet project, Persnicketly. After the voluneering we spent a little over a month and a half traveling around and then spent the holidays with my parents.

Most recently I’ve been working on Lynr and while I’m super proud to have launched it, my business partner Darrell and I haven’t been overwhelmed by the number of people flocking to use our product and it isn’t quite paying the bills yet. If you’re interested in talking I’m easy to get in touch with via email. My work history is also easy to see, just head over to my resume.